About Us

About Us

Kinetic Filtration is a manufacturing company with a passion for bringing safe and efficient filtration products to the Additive Manufacturing market. Kinetic Filtration began with the development and patenting of the Hazo-loc® which allows additive users to quickly and safely discard the majority of their machine’s liquid hazardous waste. Kinetic Filtration has expanded the product line to include fire retardant filters for use in a variety of additive metal machines. Kinetic Filtration is currently making new advancements that will help increase the safety of the additive users. Stay tuned for the release of Kinetic Filtration’s new advancements in the coming months!

Our Focus

Cost Effectiveness

Not only are Kinetic Filtration Products competitively priced but they are also designed to give the end user increased life. How do our customers benefit? Less expenditure on filters, less wear and tear on machinery, and less down time for change-outs and breakdowns. More output for longer periods of time equals big savings for Kinetic Filtration customers.


All Kinetic Filtration products are designed to not only meet but exceed standards in their respective fields. Whether it is liquid or air, our products maximize ease of change out, particulate removal, and flow-through rate. We take the frustration and time out of the maintenance process.


Whether its flammable, explosive, or deadly to you or the environment; At Kinetic Filtration safety is our primary goal. Our products are specifically crafted to not only make a work environment safer, but also make our planet more sustainable.